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Loadsmart | Digital Freight Brokerage | Freight Technology | Move More With Less

Loadsmart Careers
Loadsmart is a leading digital freight brokerage and logistics solutions provider that is revolutionizing the way freight is priced, booked, and shipped. With their innovative technology and automated processes, Loadsmart offers instant freight pricing with real-time, instantly bookable rates. Unlike other freight brokers, Loadsmart provides API rates with safeguards to protect clients from above market rates. Loadsmart's primary goal is to move freight in the most efficient, transparent, and automated way possible. They achieve this through a range of services, including digital brokerage, freight procurement tools, dock scheduling software, truck management software, managed transportation services, freight and network optimization, and custom solutions. By utilizing these tools and services, Loadsmart's shippers and carriers are able to move more with less effort and resources. One of the key advantages of working with Loadsmart is their vast and vetted carrier network. They have established relationships with the safest and most reliable carriers in the industry, ranging from owner-operators to dedicated fleets. This allows Loadsmart to offer reliable multimodal capacity and match the best carrier to meet the unique shipping and equipment needs of their clients. Loadsmart also prides itself on its exceptional customer service and support. Their team of logistics professionals and dedicated teams are committed to servicing and supporting their clients' supply chains. They are driven by the goal of finding the optimal mix of service, quality, and price for each client, ensuring their satisfaction and success. In addition, Loadsmart offers 100% primary tender acceptance and complete price transparency. Clients can avoid the uncertainty of the spot market with guaranteed contractual acceptance regardless of market conditions. This provides peace of mind and reliability for clients, allowing them to confidently plan and execute their shipping needs. Loadsmart's capabilities extend beyond just freight brokerage, as they can handle a wide range of freight types, including FTL (Full Truckload), LTL (Less Than Truckload), PTL (Partial Truckload), Drayage, and Intermodal freight. Clients have the flexibility to book instantly or secure long-term contracts, depending on their specific requirements. Overall, Loadsmart is a trusted and innovative company that is reshaping the freight brokerage industry. Their advanced technology, vast carrier network, exceptional customer service, and commitment to efficiency and transparency make them a preferred choice for shippers and carriers looking to optimize their logistics operations.
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