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Culdesac is a real estate development company that specializes in creating luxurious living spaces. They offer a variety of housing options, including BBQ grills, water features, fire pits, hammocks, desert landscaping, and more. Their communities are designed to provide residents with a sense of community and connection, with ample natural light and outdoor spaces for socializing.
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Culdesac Culture
Culdesac embraces a remote-friendly culture and supports flexible work arrangements. They prioritize effective communication and collaboration through the use of remote collaboration tools. Based on public web data, we see that the company's website and mission statement, Culdesac aims to create a new kind of community that is centered around people, not cars. They prioritize sustainability, walkability, and community engagement. The company culture seems to be focused on innovation, creativity, and collaboration to create a better living experience for their residents. They also emphasize the importance of diversity and inclusivity in their community.


Real Estate
Year founded
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United States, Arizona, Tempe

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