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Lirio | The Personalization Engine for Digital Health

Lirio Careers
Lirio is a cutting-edge company specializing in personalized health consumer experiences through the use of behavioral science and artificial intelligence. With their personalization engine for digital health, Lirio aims to improve outcomes for individuals by understanding their unique needs and motivations. They offer Precision Nudging™, a unique approach to consumer activation and engagement, which allows organizations to foster personal relationships with their health consumers even before they enter the digital or physical front door. Lirio focuses on sustained engagement and provides behavioral intelligence about populations outside of healthcare walls to engage consumers on a human level. They believe in one-to-one personalization, continuously learning from each individual and adapting in real time to make them feel known and motivated to engage with their health and the organization. Lirio empowers organizations to create meaningful and personalized experiences for health consumers, leading to improved outcomes and increased loyalty. They are a leading company in the digital health industry, offering a powerful and innovative personalization engine. Lirio's mission is to empower organizations to create personalized and seamless digital experiences that drive positive outcomes, consumer loyalty, and growth opportunities. They leverage cutting-edge technologies, such as reinforcement learning and machine learning, to personalize digital content experiences that truly understand and engage patients. Lirio also recognizes the impact of policy and regulatory environments on consumerism in healthcare and offers webinars and discussions to help organizations navigate these challenges. They are committed to delivering outcomes-based solutions, with a pricing model fully integrated with the health outcomes of the population being served. Lirio is dedicated to helping organizations drive positive outcomes, foster consumer loyalty, and achieve growth opportunities in the healthcare industry.
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