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Liftoff Mobile

The Leading Growth Acceleration Platform for the Mobile Industry.

Liftoff Mobile Careers
Liftoff Mobile is the leading growth acceleration platform for the mobile industry. Our mission is to help mobile businesses take their apps to new heights by improving user acquisition and increasing long-term revenue. With our comprehensive platform and tailored solutions, we provide the tools and expertise to accelerate your growth and achieve success in the mobile industry. Our platform offers a range of solutions designed to meet the specific needs of different types of businesses. With Accelerate, we assist you in acquiring the best Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) and Lifetime Value (LTV) users for your app. Through programmatic solutions, we attract and engage quality users at scale, enhance your creative strategy, and ensure optimal campaign performance. Direct provides you with hands-on access to premium inventory. Our extensive ad network of publishers offers exclusive access to premium ad placements, enabling you to discover and engage high-quality audiences directly. Influence is our platform that connects you with Gen Z audiences through the creator economy. By leveraging the power of influencers, we help you authentically reach and engage this valuable demographic. Creative Studio is where we craft high-impact ads that drive better results. With rich data sets, industry expertise, and the latest creative technology, our ads deliver maximum impact and help you achieve your goals. Monetize is our solution that maximizes earnings for your app. By matching global premium demand with a superior ad experience, we ensure that you maximize your earnings for every impression. Intelligence empowers you to build better mobile games. GameRefinery, the #1 trusted mobile game intelligence tool, provides enriched data from over 100,000 mobile games. With this intelligence, you can develop smarter games, boost revenue, and stay competitive in the industry. Lastly, Vungle Exchange increases and secures your programmatic reach. By delivering premium ad experiences and engaging high-quality users in their favorite mobile apps, we ensure that your reach is maximized at the right time. At Liftoff Mobile, we are dedicated to transforming your business for the better. With our resources, leadership, and community, we are committed to helping mobile businesses thrive. Whether you need assistance with user acquisition, revenue generation, reaching specific demographics, creating impactful ads, or gaining insights for game development, Liftoff Mobile has the comprehensive platform and tailored solutions to accelerate your growth and achieve success in the mobile industry.
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Liftoff Mobile

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