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Legion Technologies

Intelligent Automation Powered by Legion Workforce Management Platform

Legion Technologies Careers
Legion Technologies is a leading provider of intelligent automation solutions through their Legion Workforce Management (WFM) platform. Their platform is designed to optimize labor efficiency, enhance the employee experience, and streamline operations across various industries including hospitality, health and fitness, distribution, and manufacturing. With Legion WFM, businesses can accurately predict demand, create optimal schedules, and automate day-to-day decision-making. This results in improved labor efficiency, increased employee engagement, and overall operational effectiveness. Legion WFM offers features such as strategic insights, labor budgeting, and demand forecasting, all powered by AI to generate automated forecasts and budgets in seconds. One of the standout features of Legion WFM is its gig-like schedule flexibility, allowing employees to easily swap shifts, take open shifts, and input their availability through their mobile phones. This not only improves employee satisfaction but also enables more predictive and efficient scheduling. Legion Technologies has a proven track record of delivering customer-proven results. Their platform has resulted in significant cost savings, improved compliance, and attrition reduction for businesses. A Forrester TEI study showed that their platform resulted in $14.3 million in hard-dollar savings for a company with 10,000 employees over a three-year period. The company is highly regarded by customers and employees alike, with lightning-fast deployments at a fraction of the cost compared to other vendors in the industry. Their intuitive user interface and modern deployment and training strategies have enabled businesses to go live in a short span of time. Legion Technologies is revolutionizing the workforce management industry with their intelligent automation solutions. Organizations across various industries can benefit from their platform's ability to optimize labor efficiency, improve the employee experience, and streamline operations. Experience the power of Legion WFM and take your organization to new heights of success.
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Legion Technologies

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United States, California, Palo Alto

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