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Lattice is a leading company in the field of people management and performance and engagement software. With over 5,000 organizations trusting Lattice, it is the go-to software for performance and engagement. Lattice helps companies build high-performance organizations and drive their businesses forward by activating every employee with transparent goals and OKRs, listening to the voice of their employees, making career advancement opportunities clear, and turning people insights into action. Lattice supports strategic people teams by providing them with a solution that allows them to focus on their best work without being burdened by clunky systems. It has become the preferred choice for building a continuous performance management process, with over 4,500 people leaders using Lattice. Investing in people is crucial, and Lattice transforms people strategies by connecting performance management, employee engagement, and career development in one unified solution. It ensures that employees are in the driver's seat with tools built for their success. Lattice also helps companies listen to the voice of their employees at scale, allowing them to listen, reflect, and respond to engagement feedback to retain top talent as their business grows. Lattice offers various features to enhance the employee experience, including Pulse, a tool that captures real-time feedback about company culture, and automated onboarding surveys. It also bridges the gap between people operations and business operations, making it easier for companies to manage employee development in the new world of work. Overall, Lattice is a powerful platform that empowers companies to build high-performance organizations, engage employees, and drive their businesses forward. With its comprehensive features and trusted reputation, Lattice is the ultimate solution for companies looking to enhance their people management strategies.
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