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Labcorp | Global Life Sciences Leader in Lab Diagnostics & Drug Development

Labcorp Careers
Labcorp is a global leader in life sciences, specializing in laboratory diagnostics and drug development. With a wide range of testing options and services, we cater to patients, healthcare providers, biopharma companies, and organizations worldwide. Our vast clinical data and scientific expertise accelerate the drug development process and help identify biomarkers for improved patient outcomes. Patients can access over 40 self-ordered lab tests, schedule appointments, and find walk-in lab locations easily through our mobile app. Healthcare providers benefit from specialty diagnostics and cutting-edge science, ensuring individualized treatment for millions of patients. Biopharma companies can rely on our laboratory services for drug discovery, nonclinical studies, central labs, and companion diagnostics, with a global lab network supporting drug development in over 100 countries. Organizations can take advantage of our cost-effective services that scale with their businesses, meeting analytical, clinical, and operational needs. Labcorp OnDemand platform allows individuals to purchase lab tests online, providing confidential and trusted results for a wide range of health tests including general wellness, allergy, COVID-19, fertility tests, and more. We are committed to using science for the betterment of humanity, delivering accurate and reliable information to help our partners make informed decisions for a healthier future. Labcorp is dedicated to constantly evolving and innovating to improve health and save lives worldwide. Stay up to date with the latest news on our advancements, research, and partnerships by visiting our newsroom. Trust Labcorp to be your partner in health and wellness, providing the tools and information you need to lead a healthier life.
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