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Indoor Location Services Company. Bluetooth Beacons | Kontakt.io

Kontakt.io Careers
Kontakt.io is an innovative indoor location services company that specializes in providing Bluetooth beacons and other smart IoT devices for transforming buildings into efficient and user-friendly indoor spaces. With their cutting-edge technology, cloud solutions, and powerful APIs, Kontakt.io aims to create safe and sustainable indoor environments that cater to the needs of individuals in their daily journeys, whether it be for work or personal care. One of the key focuses of Kontakt.io is the importance of locating and tracking employees, visitors, and other occupants in large facilities. They offer a powerful innovation that enhances safety, emergency response, communication, and overall productivity. Their advanced technology enables real-time tracking and monitoring, facilitating effective management and optimization of indoor spaces. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the significance of connected infrastructures in buildings has become even more evident. To address this challenge, Kontakt.io has teamed up with Domo to provide a solution that ensures a safe and anxiety-free reopening of buildings. By leveraging their expertise and solutions, Kontakt.io is revolutionizing the way indoor spaces are utilized and managed, providing a comprehensive solution to the ever-evolving needs of modern businesses and organizations. Overall, Kontakt.io is a forward-thinking company that is dedicated to transforming indoor spaces into efficient, safe, and user-friendly environments through their Bluetooth beacons and smart IoT devices. With their innovative technology and partnerships, they are at the forefront of creating connected infrastructures that enhance productivity, safety, and overall well-being in indoor spaces.
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