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Chemicals Marketplace - ingredients & raw materials - Knowde

Knowde Careers
Knowde is a leading chemicals marketplace that offers a wide range of ingredients and raw materials from over 8,000 suppliers. With the convenience of a single platform, users can easily search, sample, quote, and purchase the chemicals they need for their businesses. Knowde stands out from its competitors due to its extensive catalog, which is the largest in the world. Users can browse, search, and filter through a vast array of chemicals, ingredients, and polymers to find exactly what they need. In addition, they can ask technical product questions, communicate with sales representatives, and inquire about pricing, all within the platform. Knowde prides itself on providing excellent customer service. The Knowde concierge service ensures that all requests and inquiries are handled promptly and efficiently. This allows customers to save time and focus on their core business activities, knowing that Knowde will take care of all the details. Knowde believes in the power of chemistry and its ability to make a positive impact on the world. The company recognizes that easy access to information and raw materials is crucial for businesses to work smarter and faster. Knowde is proud to support innovators who have made significant contributions to various industries, such as reducing the carbon footprint of the automotive industry, envisioning a sustainable agricultural future, and developing biodegradable packaging materials. The company is excited to see what the future holds and looks forward to witnessing the transformative creations that its customers will achieve with the help of Knowde. One of the unique aspects of Knowde is its focus on newer, smaller, and up-and-coming suppliers, particularly in the field of sustainability. The platform is a valuable resource for discovering these suppliers and keeping them on the radar for future collaborations. Knowde also offers an activity feed where users can stay updated on the latest insights and innovations in the industry. This includes information on the best skin care ingredients for non-invasive solutions, as researched by DSM, one of the leading suppliers in the market. In conclusion, Knowde is a comprehensive chemicals marketplace that simplifies the sourcing process for ingredients and raw materials. With its vast supplier network, user-friendly platform, and commitment to customer service, Knowde is the go-to platform for businesses in need of chemicals for their operations.
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