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Selling and Buying a Home, Made Easy | Knock

Knock Careers
Knock is a revolutionary company that aims to simplify the process of selling and buying a home. With a focus on convenience, cost savings, and transparency, Knock offers innovative solutions to help individuals navigate the real estate market with ease. One of the standout features of Knock is its unique Knock Home Swap™ program, which allows homeowners to seamlessly sell their old house and buy a new one. This eliminates the need for multiple moves and the stress associated with repairs and showings. By providing this next-generation bridge loan, Knock offers convenience and flexibility to its customers. Another key benefit of working with Knock is its pre-imbursement program, where homeowners can receive up to $35,000 to help get their house in prime selling condition. This ensures that sellers can maximize their selling price without having to worry about upfront costs. Unlike traditional iBuyers, Knock does not charge a 1-3% fee to buy a new home in cash and then rent it back to the customer. This eliminates the need for homeowners to pay double transaction costs, fees, and rent, providing significant cost savings. With over 750 five-star Zillow reviews, Knock has earned a strong reputation for excellence in the industry. The company's commitment to customer satisfaction and success is evident in these positive reviews, further solidifying its position as a trusted and reliable partner in the homebuying and selling process. Knock operates in 75 markets nationwide and has helped over 3,800 homeowners get into their dream home before selling their current properties. By partnering with Knock, agents can provide their clients with the advantage of accessing up to $650,000 of equity to buy first and sell later, increasing their success in the real estate market. Founded in 2015 by members of Trulia, Knock has quickly established itself as a leader in the industry. With seven years of experience, the company has honed its expertise and perfected its processes to provide the best possible service to its clients. Knock prides itself on its transparency and fairness, offering customers the opportunity to keep 100% of their commissions on both sides of the deal. By eliminating traditional commission fees, Knock ensures that its clients have more financial freedom when it comes to buying or selling a home. If you're looking to simplify the process of selling or buying a home, Knock is dedicated to making the experience easy, cost-effective, and stress-free. With its range of innovative services and commitment to customer satisfaction, Knock is revolutionizing the way homes are bought and sold. Contact their dedicated customer support team at (866) 996-1695 for any questions or further information.
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