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Karat is a tech company that develops AI-powered tools for improving the hiring process. Their Interviewing Cloud platform uses NLP and machine learning algorithms to streamline technical screening interviews and reduce bias in hiring decisions. With Karat's help, companies can save time and resources while identifying the most qualified candidates for their positions.
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Karat Culture
Karat is an interview engineering platform. It fosters a culture of technical excellence, collaboration, and remote work. Karat supports remote work options, allowing employees to work remotely or from their preferred locations. Karat's company culture appears to be focused on innovation and excellence in technical interviewing. The company is described as a pioneer in the Interviewing Cloud, which suggests a forward-thinking and cutting-edge approach to their work. Karat's emphasis on technical interviewing also suggests a culture that values expertise and skill in the field of technology. Additionally, the company's commitment to providing first-round technical interviews suggests a focus on efficiency and effectiveness in the hiring process.


Software Development
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United States, Washington, Seattle

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