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Italic | Luxury without labels.

Italic Careers
Bold Membership offers a subscription service where customers pay $60 to receive $60 worth of credits towards future purchases, as well as free shipping on all items and curated items just for members. They also offer bonus credit opportunities, early access events, and a cart feature where customers can easily add items to their purchase. The company prides itself on providing luxury without labels through its membership rewards program and trending search terms feature.
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Italic Culture
Italic embraces a remote-friendly culture and supports flexible work arrangements. They prioritize effective communication and collaboration through the use of remote collaboration tools. Based on public web data, we see that the company culture may prioritize exclusivity and minimalism. The use of the word "luxury" suggests a focus on high-end products and services, while the phrase "without labels" implies a rejection of overt branding and a preference for understated elegance. The company may also value individuality and self-expression, as customers are encouraged to define their own style rather than conforming to a particular brand image.


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United States, California, Los Angeles

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