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IoT Security by Palo Alto Networks

Leader in Cybersecurity Protection & Software for the Modern Enterprises - Palo Alto Networks

IoT Security by Palo Alto Networks Careers
IoT Security by Palo Alto Networks is a leading company specializing in cybersecurity protection and software for modern enterprises. With a team of highly skilled consultants, we are committed to responding quickly to threats, investigating deeply, and eradicating them to ensure a swift recovery and uninterrupted business operations. One of our key services is helping organizations mitigate cyber risks through targeted assessments and attack simulations. By working closely with our clients, we develop customized strategies to enhance their cybersecurity defenses and minimize vulnerabilities. At the forefront of our operations is Unit 42, a global team that collects and analyzes data to provide up-to-the-minute threat intelligence, product updates, and in-depth threat research articles. This ensures that our clients stay informed about the latest threats, enabling them to stay one step ahead of cyber attackers. We offer a comprehensive Zero Trust Network Security solution that allows organizations to see and secure all aspects of their network, including headquarters, branch offices, data centers, and mobile workforce. Our proactive approach, driven by cloud-based technologies and machine learning, ensures that networks are constantly monitored and protected from potential threats. To provide consistent and best-in-class security across enterprise networks, remote workers, and the cloud, our cloud-delivered security services are seamlessly integrated. This ensures that organizations can confidently embrace cloud technologies without compromising on security. Recognizing the limitations of legacy SD-WAN solutions in today's cloud-ready digital enterprises, we offer a cutting-edge SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) solution. This cloud-delivered platform combines networking and security to scale alongside the growing business needs, providing a secure and efficient environment for remote workforces. We firmly believe in the principles of Zero Trust, which removes implicit trust and continuously validates every stage of a digital interaction. By applying policies and controls across users, applications, and infrastructure, we help organizations reduce risk, complexity, and achieve enterprise resilience. The average enterprise currently relies on 45 cybersecurity-related tools, which often leads to increased complexity and security gaps. Our Zero Trust approach provides an opportunity for organizations to rebuild their security infrastructure in a way that aligns with their digital transformation goals, ultimately reducing risk and overall complexity. At IoT Security by Palo Alto Networks, we are dedicated to providing the highest level of cybersecurity protection and software solutions for modern enterprises. Our expertise, innovation, and commitment to excellence make us the trusted partner for organizations seeking comprehensive and reliable cybersecurity services.
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IoT Security by Palo Alto Networks

Computer and Network Security
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United States, California, Santa Clara

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