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Intevity - Transforming Business for Exponential Growth

Intevity Careers
Intevity is a leading boutique digital consultancy that is dedicated to transforming businesses for exponential growth. With a strong focus on developing innovative solutions and leveraging cutting-edge technology, Intevity strives to make a real impact on people's lives and drive growth for their clients. What sets Intevity apart is their commitment to delivering exceptional results right from the start. With an impressive track record of over 200 customer-focused projects, Intevity has generated an astounding $20B in enterprise value, demonstrating their ability to make a significant difference to real people and businesses. As a digitally-focused management consultancy, Intevity goes beyond traditional strategy consulting. Their expertise spans across strategy, design, architecture, and software development. By assembling senior, cross-functional teams, Intevity ensures close collaboration with client teams throughout the project lifecycle, resulting in effective and tailored solutions. Intevity caters to a diverse range of clients, including fast-paced startups, mid-cap brands looking to scale quickly, and large enterprises in need of system enhancements. The company's impressive portfolio includes the successful development of software, apps, and platforms for renowned brands such as Drizly, Under Armour, and even the Department of Defense. Overall, Intevity's mission is clear: to transform businesses, drive growth, and create a lasting impact through their expertise in digital consulting and technology solutions. With their unwavering commitment to innovation and delivering exceptional results, Intevity is poised to continue making a significant difference in the digital transformation journey of businesses across industries.
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Business Consulting and Services
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United States, Massachusetts, Boston

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