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Interfolio - Advance Faculty Work - Interfolio

Interfolio Careers
Interfolio is an online platform that assists universities in managing their faculty and academic staff. The company provides several products like the Faculty Information System (FIS), Dossier, and Researchfish by Interfolio, which are designed to streamline the hiring process, monitor research output, and enhance communication between professors and administrative personnel. By using these solutions, universities can better support their faculty members and create a more positive educational environment for both students and instructors.
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Interfolio Culture
Interfolio embraces a remote-friendly culture and supports flexible work arrangements. They have a distributed team and provide remote employees with the necessary resources and tools. Interfolio appears to have a company culture that values innovation, collaboration, and a commitment to improving higher education. The company's website emphasizes its mission to "support the work of scholars and academic leaders" and its dedication to creating "smart, user-friendly technology" that helps faculty members manage their careers and institutions make informed decisions. Interfolio's Glassdoor page also provides insight into the company culture. Reviews from current and former employees describe a supportive and collaborative work environment, with a focus on teamwork and open communication. Many employees praise the company's leadership for their transparency and commitment to employee development.


IT Services and IT Consulting
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United States, District Of Columbia, Washington

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