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Increasingly is a leading AI company specializing in boosting the average order value (AOV) for businesses. Our innovative product bundling tools empower companies to enhance their customer experience and drive incremental revenue. With our bespoke Product Bundling toolset, businesses can efficiently and effectively manage their entire AOV boosting strategy. Our Product Bundling feature includes Product Collections, Product Recommendations, and Google Shopping Bundling. These tools enable businesses to create enticing offers and recommendations to increase product attachment and encourage customers to make larger purchases. We also offer AOV Boosting 'Frequently Bought Together' features for websites, further enhancing the customer experience and driving sales. The results of using Increasingly's technology have been remarkable. Companies such as Samsung, bareMinerals, and City Plumbing have experienced significant revenue growth and AOV increases by utilizing our platform. Samsung saw a sales boost of +44%, bareMinerals achieved a +39% increase in AOV, and City Plumbing witnessed an astounding +81% rise in AOV. Our clients rave about their experience with Increasingly. They appreciate our fast integration process, outstanding results, and the expertise of our team. One client even plans to roll out our technology to 11 more markets. Another client praises our platform for increasing items per order, while another is excited to implement Increasingly in their physical stores to drive customer up-sell and cross-sell. What sets us apart from the competition is our use of advanced AI technologies, including Neural Networks, Natural Language Processing, and Computer Vision models. These cutting-edge technologies power our platform and ensure accurate and efficient results for our clients. Additionally, our simple setup process and on-site tag integration allow businesses to start seeing instant results without requiring significant technical resources. At Increasingly, we are dedicated to enhancing the customer experience and driving revenue growth for our clients. With our AI-driven technology and exceptional customer support, we are the preferred choice for businesses looking to boost their average order value and maximize their sales potential.
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