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Imagen Technologies is a leading company in the field of imaging diagnostics. They specialize in providing premium quality imaging diagnostics as a service, working in partnership with primary care practices to offer on-site diagnostic imaging capabilities and top-notch interpretations. Imagen's diagnostics as a service platform is tailored to meet the specific needs of each practice, allowing them to deliver exceptional patient experiences, improved care quality, and positive financial outcomes. One of the key focuses of Imagen's solutions is early detection. They provide regular screening and testing, aiding in the identification of conditions at their earliest stages. This enables clinicians to intervene and treat diseases early on, resulting in a 73% reduction in life-threatening clinical misses. The satisfaction of patients who have experienced Imagen's services is evident, with 96% of them recommending physician practices that utilize their technology. Furthermore, Imagen has achieved a remarkable 48% increase in the detection of aortic atherosclerosis for patients aged 65 and above. Imagen empowers primary care practices to offer immediate in-office diagnostic testing and results to their patients. They support this with on-demand virtual specialist visits, ensuring comprehensive care before patients even leave the office. Imagen's cutting-edge AI software, cleared by the FDA, assists physicians in detecting and diagnosing findings more comprehensively and automatically documenting them. The company is passionate about rethinking diagnostic imaging for accurate image interpretation, improved patient experience, and a better bottom line for healthcare practices. Imagen offers a diagnostic imaging platform that positively impacts the financial performance of healthcare providers. One of the core values of Imagen Technologies is accessibility to high-quality healthcare for everyone. They strive to set a new standard in primary care by utilizing front-line diagnostic testing and groundbreaking AI technology to bring world-class diagnostic care into every doctor's office.
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Imagen Technologies

Hospitals and Health Care
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United States, New York, New York

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