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The unified data layer – Grafbase

Grafbase Careers
Unifieddata Layer is a software development tool that helps developers streamline their workflow by providing a centralized GraphQL endpoint for combining multiple data sources. This enables them to focus on delivering products rather than building infrastructure. Users can start quickly and easily integrate their existing APIs and databases, as well as collaborate on changes using branching and spin up instant preview environments. The Grafbase platform offers an intuitive permission system that seamlessly integrates with popular identity providers for secure and fast access to the backend.
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Grafbase Culture
Grafbase is a graph database company. It promotes a culture of innovation, collaboration, and remote work. Grafbase supports remote work arrangements, providing flexibility for its employees to work remotely or from their preferred locations. Based on public web data, we see that Grafbase has a culture that values innovation, technology, and collaboration. They are a data platform for developers, which suggests that they prioritize technical expertise and a passion for problem-solving. Additionally, their website emphasizes the importance of teamwork and communication, indicating that they value collaboration and open communication among their employees.


Software Development
Year founded
Company size
HQ Location
Sweden, Stockholm County, Stockholm

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