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Build a More Perfect Digital Experience | FullStory

FullStory Careers
FullStory is a software company that specializes in improving businesses' online presence through user experience analysis. Its Autocapture technology records user sessions and provides insights into issues and opportunities, helping businesses optimize their websites, apps, and software platforms. FullStory's mission is to assist businesses in understanding their customers' needs and preferences, ultimately leading to increased customer loyalty and satisfaction.
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FullStory Culture
FullStory is a digital experience analytics platform. It values a culture of customer empathy, collaboration, and remote work. FullStory supports remote work arrangements, enabling employees to work remotely or from their preferred locations. FullStory appears to have a company culture that values innovation, collaboration, and customer-centricity. The company's focus on providing intuitive digital experience analytics suggests a commitment to staying ahead of the curve in terms of technology and user experience. Additionally, the use of session replay and heatmaps indicates a desire to understand and improve the customer journey. FullStory's website features a blog that covers topics such as design, user experience, and customer success, suggesting a culture that values continuous learning and improvement. The company also offers a number of resources for customers, including webinars and case studies, which further demonstrate a commitment to customer-centricity.


Software Development
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United States, Georgia, Atlanta

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