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Flow Commerce (acquired by Global-e)

Cross Border Ecommerce Solutions | Cross Border Commerce Technology

Flow Commerce (acquired by Global-e) Careers
Targeting Cookies is an online advertising platform that utilizes cookie-based tracking technology to provide businesses with targeted advertising campaigns. By analyzing user behavior and displaying relevant ads on third-party websites, the company helps its clients increase their online visibility and generate more leads. With a focus on data privacy and security, Targeting Cookies provides a comprehensive suite of advertising services designed to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes.
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Flow Commerce (acquired by Global-e) Culture
Flow Money Automation embraces a remote work culture and supports a distributed workforce. They leverage virtual collaboration tools to ensure seamless communication and collaboration. it is difficult to determine the company culture of Flow Money Automation. The company's website and social media pages primarily focus on promoting their product, the Self Driving Money App, and its benefits. There is limited information available about the company's values, mission, or employee experiences. However, the company's tagline "creates a new money revolution" suggests a culture of innovation and disruption in the financial industry.

Flow Commerce (acquired by Global-e)

Technology, Information and Internet
Year founded
Company size
HQ Location
United States, New Jersey, Hoboken

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