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Fire Engine RED is a leading provider of enrollment management software and services for higher education institutions. With a focus on improving the student experience, they offer a range of innovative solutions including software development, marketing and operations support, and people and culture consulting. Their team of experts is dedicated to helping students achieve their academic goals and builds long-lasting partnerships with their clients.
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Fire Engine RED Culture
Fire Engine Red is a marketing and technology company serving higher education institutions. It embraces a culture of higher education marketing, collaboration, and remote work. Fire Engine Red supports remote work arrangements, enabling employees to work remotely or from their preferred locations. Based on public web data, we see that the name of the company, Fire Engine Red, it is possible that the company culture may be associated with energy, passion, and urgency. The company may have a fast-paced work environment and a focus on delivering results quickly. Additionally, the company may have a strong sense of teamwork and collaboration, as firefighters often work together in high-pressure situations. Without further information, it is difficult to provide a more detailed description of the company culture.

Fire Engine RED

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