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Finite State

Finite State

Finite State Careers
Finite State is a cutting-edge technology company that specializes in reducing software supply chain risk for businesses in the connected world. Our focus on visibility, scalability, and speed allows us to help companies manage risk across their software supply chain, minimizing risk and enabling them to ship confidently while reducing their attack surface. Our end-to-end SBOM solutions provide transparency into software components, allowing companies to generate and manage SBOMs in any format to create software transparency. With our Next Gen Platform, featuring extended SBOM management, rigorous software composition analysis, and advanced risk analysis, end-users can orchestrate and correlate scan findings from over 120 top scanning tools, monitor AppSec and Product Security risk across product portfolios, and leverage world-class binary SCA to generate the most thorough and accurate SBOMs available. Finite State believes that you can't protect what you can't see, which is why our platform provides visibility into critical findings with intelligence on product components and security issues from vendors and third-party components. By importing security findings from over 120 tools for added context and correlation, companies can analyze and shift right to scale their efforts and ensure that their products and systems are secure by design. Our mission is to empower businesses to confidently navigate the complex landscape of the software supply chain, enabling them to minimize risk, protect their assets, and drive success in the connected world. We offer a Product Security Maturity Assessment, which allows organizations to evaluate their software security program and receive personalized guidance on how to improve their product security program. Finite State's Platform for Asset Owners provides automated product risk assessment and software supply chain transparency, helping companies manage device supply chain risk effectively. With our continuous visibility into supply chain risk for connected devices, organizations can assess and mitigate vulnerabilities in their devices, enhancing security measures and safeguarding their connected devices. Our team of Fi-Knights is dedicated to automating product security across the software supply chain, protecting the connected world from cyber threats. We have received awards for our culture and dedication to advancing the field of cybersecurity and offer the Ultimate Guide to Connected Device Security to help organizations secure their products, systems, and software supply chain lifecycles. At Finite State, we are committed to helping organizations protect their critical infrastructure systems in sectors such as energy, telecom, and healthcare. Download our white paper today to learn more about how we can help you enhance your security measures and safeguard your connected devices.
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Finite State

Computer and Network Security
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United States, Ohio, Columbus

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