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Fictiv: Custom Manufacturing Made Simple. Get Parts On-Demand.

Fictiv Careers
Fictiv is a leading custom manufacturing company that specializes in simplifying and streamlining the process of sourcing custom-manufactured parts. With their extensive network of highly vetted and managed partners worldwide, Fictiv offers access to virtually unlimited low-volume manufacturing capacity through a single trusted partner. Having manufactured over 20 million parts through their network, Fictiv has an impressive track record of delivering high-quality products. With a monthly machine capacity of over 10,000 hours, Fictiv ensures that parts can be produced on-demand, meeting the needs and timelines of their customers. What sets Fictiv apart is their user-friendly platform, which revolutionizes the custom part sourcing process. By providing pricing feedback within seconds or minutes, customers no longer have to wait days or weeks for quotes. Fictiv also offers design feedback, giving customers full visibility into cost drivers and potential manufacturing risks, enabling them to make informed decisions. Fictiv's global presence in the United States, China, and India reduces supply chain risk and ensures timely delivery of custom parts. Their platform allows for easy order tracking and provides on-demand production status updates, allowing customers to stay informed throughout the manufacturing process. Customers can even access part photos and inspection data before delivery, ensuring that the parts meet their specifications. In addition to manufacturing parts, Fictiv offers expertise in optimizing designs for manufacturability. Their team of experts provides intelligent suggestions and support via their chat system or through Zoom conference consultations for injection molding designs. This technical talent ensures that customers receive the best possible outcome for their custom manufacturing needs. With Fictiv, customers have high visibility and control over their custom part sourcing, allowing for coordination across projects, teams, and even entire companies. Whether it's a small-scale project or a large-scale production, Fictiv is the go-to company for simplifying and accelerating the custom manufacturing process.
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