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Equilibrium Labs

Designing and building the decentralised web - Equilibrium

Equilibrium Labs Careers
Equilibrium Labs is a cutting-edge company dedicated to designing and building the infrastructure for the decentralised web. With a strong focus on hard engineering problems in decentralised technologies, Equilibrium is at the forefront of innovation in this rapidly evolving field. At Equilibrium Labs, we are committed to building the future of decentralised technologies through our diverse range of projects and services. Our projects include Hooks Builder, a platform that enables users to develop, test, and deploy smart contracts on the XRP Ledger directly from their browsers. This empowers users to easily interact with the blockchain and take advantage of the benefits of decentralised technologies. Additionally, we offer Pathfinder, a powerful tool that allows users to run the StarkNet full node and query their own data without having to rely on information provided by others. This enhances the security and autonomy of decentralised systems. Our Ziggurat framework provides a comprehensive network testing and stability solution for peer-to-peer environments, ensuring the reliability and efficiency of decentralised networks. Lastly, our Rust-IPFS implementation offers a high-performance and resource-constrained version of the InterPlanetary FileSystem, enabling efficient distributed storage. In addition to our projects, Equilibrium Labs offers a range of services to help bring your vision to life. Our research team leverages the latest cryptographic and economic innovations to identify opportunities for enhancing user experience and increasing throughput. Our design team specializes in creating beautiful interfaces for decentralised systems, seamlessly integrating distributed technologies, economics, and governance structures. Our implementation team optimizes every aspect of the development process, ensuring efficiency and high performance. Equilibrium Labs takes pride in our accomplishments, as showcased in our case studies. We have developed foundational tools for the future development and testing of the Zcash Network, contributing to the advancement of this network. Our Rust-IPFS implementation brings distributed storage to the popular programming language Rust, expanding its capabilities. Additionally, we have strengthened Aleo's products, snarkOS and Leo, by enhancing scalability and reliability. As a globally distributed organization, Equilibrium Labs attracts top talent from around the world. Our team consists of dedicated professionals who are passionate about solving real-world problems and delivering tangible solutions. We prioritize practicality and strive to deliver results rather than engaging in hypothetical experiments. In summary, Equilibrium Labs is a leading company at the forefront of the decentralised web revolution. With our expertise in designing and building core infrastructure, along with our range of projects, services, and case studies, we are committed to driving innovation and delivering practical solutions in the field of decentralised technologies.
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Equilibrium Labs

IT Services and IT Consulting
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Finland, Southwest Finland, Turku

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