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Element 84

Element 84, Inc. - Data Tools and Engineering for a Changing Planet

Element 84 Careers
Element 84, Inc. is a leading provider of data tools and engineering solutions for a changing planet. With a focus on accelerating and scaling impactful projects, Element 84 has partnered with numerous organizations to bring their visions for a better planet to fruition. At Element 84, the company is dedicated to delivering outcomes that drive projects forward. Their philosophy centers around prioritizing outcomes over features, and they measure success by the progress achieved by their clients. Drawing on a decade of experience, Element 84 has established expertise in various domains, including cloud data processing pipelines, scalable cloud architectures, geospatial data lakes, custom web and mobile software, earth science data systems, delightful user interfaces, and actionable UX and design research. To cater to diverse needs, Element 84 also offers a comprehensive technology menu encompassing additional services. Among Element 84's flagship offerings is FilmDrop, a suite of open-source tools designed to simplify the ingestion, archiving, processing, analysis, and distribution of geospatial data in the cloud. This toolset exemplifies Element 84's commitment to providing innovative solutions for data management in the environmental and scientific sectors. In addition to their technical expertise, Element 84 is dedicated to providing resources for learning and staying current in the field. Their website features a wealth of writings, best practices, and talks covering a wide range of topics related to data tools and engineering. Element 84 extends an invitation to organizations to reimagine their approach to technology projects and seeks to collaborate with them at any stage of development. Whether an idea is a mere napkin sketch or an almost-ready-to-launch project, Element 84 eagerly awaits the opportunity to hear about it and work together to bring ideas to life.
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Element 84

IT Services and IT Consulting
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United States, Virginia, Alexandria

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