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Edvantis | IT Outsourcing & Custom Software Development

Edvantis Careers
Edvantis is a leading IT outsourcing and custom software development company that specializes in providing innovative solutions for a variety of industries. With a focus on modernizing legacy systems, improving user experiences, and enhancing efficiency, Edvantis has a proven track record of delivering successful projects for clients around the world. One of Edvantis' latest success stories includes helping the Freenet Group upgrade its legacy infrastructure and migrate to a more agile microservices architecture in just one year. By porting and upgrading 16 legacy services to the new Spring Boot framework, Java 11, and Mono+Flux libraries, Edvantis was able to significantly improve the performance and functionality of the telecom company's systems. Additionally, Edvantis provided essential QA services, including static code analysis, integration testing, and code coverage reports. In another project, Edvantis collaborated with Modulsystem Sweden AB to deliver a seamless ticketing experience for Swedish passengers. By custom-tuning Famoco Firmware and developing an Android mobile app, Edvantis was able to integrate a new ticketing solution into the SL Access infrastructure, improving the overall efficiency and convenience of public transportation in Greater Stockholm. Furthermore, Edvantis has provided engineering services to Doc Cirrus, a leading e-healthcare software solutions vendor in Germany. By modernizing their legacy technology and developing new e-healthcare modules, Edvantis has helped Doc Cirrus improve their medical data integrations and workflows, ultimately enhancing the overall user experience for healthcare professionals and patients alike. Overall, Edvantis is dedicated to delivering high-quality and innovative solutions for their clients, and their proven success in industries such as telecommunications, public transportation, and healthcare solidifies their reputation as a top IT outsourcing and custom software development company. With a focus on modernization, efficiency, and user experience, Edvantis continues to drive innovation and success in the world of technology.
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IT Services and IT Consulting
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