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Drift | Everything Starts With a Conversation

Drift Careers
Drift is an innovative and leading company in the field of AI-powered conversational platforms. With a strong focus on personalized experiences, Drift revolutionizes the way businesses interact with their customers by integrating chat, email, and video to deliver seamless interactions throughout the customer journey. Unlike traditional chatbots, Drift's conversational platform goes beyond automated responses. It drives pipeline-building conversations by identifying website visitors and understanding their intent, delivering personalized experiences that qualify and nurture leads down the sales funnel. The company also offers AI-powered chatbots that engage in human-like conversations 24/7, ensuring customers always receive the support they need. Additionally, Drift assists businesses in Account-Based Marketing (ABM) by recognizing target accounts and engaging with them in a personalized, 1:1 manner at the right time. Real-time ABM notifications keep businesses informed of target account engagement, while the Prospector and AI Engagement Score provide data-driven expansion opportunities. Drift also helps businesses create expansion pipelines by distinguishing between existing customers and net-new prospects, identifying growth opportunities, and delivering relevant experiences that leave customers wanting more. In terms of increasing productivity, Drift offers tools such as the Meeting Scheduler and Real-Time Notifications, enabling 24/7 scheduling and engagement alerts. The Prospector and AI Engagement Score provide real-time insights on prospects' intent, while video messaging allows for personalized and engaging sales conversations. With a proven track record of success, Drift has garnered significant recognition in the industry. Customers have experienced impressive results, including a 30% quarter-over-quarter increase in influenced pipeline within the first six quarters and a 2x higher conversion rate from MQL to SQL. Testimonials from satisfied customers further highlight the effectiveness and value of Drift's services. Overall, Drift is a company at the forefront of the AI revolution, leveraging its advanced technology to revolutionize customer conversations. With its comprehensive suite of tools, commitment to personalized experiences, and proven results, Drift is shaping the future of customer engagement in the field of video messaging and sales conversations.
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