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dotData | Accelerate Feature Discovery & Engineering for ML

dotData Careers
dotData is a leading company specializing in accelerating feature discovery and engineering for machine learning (ML). Their flagship solution, dotData Feature Factory, has been proven to drastically reduce the time required to predict audience behavior. By considering factors such as monthly trends, characteristics, and time of weekday, dotData enables companies to make accurate predictions and stay ahead of the competition. The efficiency and speed of dotData's solution have garnered positive feedback from numerous clients. ADK's project manager, Kenichi Fujimori, reported a 30% to 40% reduction in the time required to predict three months' worth of audience behavior. Otsuka Corporation's Senior Managing Officer General Manager of Marketing Automation Center, Takahiro Jinushi, emphasized the importance of quick market changes and meeting customers' IT needs, which dotData facilitates through rapid data analysis. Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation praised dotData's solution for simplifying the exploration of multiple data science use-cases without the typical challenges. Justin Shoolery, the Director of Data Science & Analytics, expressed how dotData allowed him to focus on uncovering patterns and finding viable models rather than wasting time on data wrangling. dotData's ability to combine various types of data, such as customer data, branch data, employee data, and sales data, to create rich ML models at high speed has been commended by Philip Barnes, the Director of Business Intelligence. He compared dotData to a mathematician in a box, emphasizing its efficiency and effectiveness. The impact of dotData's solution is not limited to the private sector; it has also made waves in the public sector. MS&AD's General Manager of Digital Strategy, Takashi Matsumura, highlighted how dotData's AI-Policy recommendation has enabled their agencies to propose the right policy to the right customer at the right time. He further praised dotData for producing outcomes equivalent to the efforts of 100 data scientists. Overall, dotData offers a powerful solution that accelerates feature discovery and engineering for ML. Their clients have experienced significant time savings, increased efficiency, and improved accuracy in their predictive analytics. With their innovative approach, dotData has established itself as a leader in the field of ML and data science.
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