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Digital Product Agency - Develocraft

Develocraft Careers
Develocraft is a leading digital product agency that specializes in building and scaling up IT teams. With a team of experienced professionals, we offer design and development services, as well as the opportunity to extend your in-house crew with our talented tech experts. Our main objective is to assist you in bringing your product vision to life and ensuring its success in the market. One of our key strengths is our CTO-led approach, where our Chief Technology Officer takes ownership of the project and guides the team in choosing the right paths for development. This approach has proven successful in developing various FinTech and Financial Services solutions, making us a valuable partner for companies in these industries. At Develocraft, we understand the importance of time-to-market. We strive to start working on your project within a month from the Discovery Call, as we believe in delivering high-quality results efficiently and effectively. In addition to our development services, we offer the opportunity to scale your in-house team with our Recruitment Team. We have a pool of talented professionals in Poland, known for their technical expertise. We handle all the paperwork and labor law requirements, ensuring a hassle-free process for you. Furthermore, if any of our talents underperform, we guarantee to find you a replacement for free. Our track record of successful partnerships speaks for itself, with over 100 clients ranging from startups to industry leaders. Our clients trust us to deliver exceptional results, and we consistently meet their expectations. Our engineers are agile and collaborative, utilizing project management tools like Jira to ensure smooth communication and timely delivery. As a company, we are committed to staying up-to-date with the latest knowledge and trends in the industry. We provide valuable insights on why it's worth getting tech talent from Poland, the current costs on various positions, and everything you need to know about the Polish market and law before entering a successful cooperation. When ambitious companies seek reliable and top-notch digital product development services, Develocraft is the trusted choice. We have built a reputation for delivering high-quality work, meeting deadlines, and providing excellent customer service. Let us help you build or scale up your IT team and take your product to the next level.
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IT Services and IT Consulting
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Poland, Pomorskie, Gdańsk

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