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Deputechnologies Pty Ltd.

Scheduling, Timesheet & Time Clock Software — Deputy

Deputechnologies Pty Ltd. Careers
Deputechnologies Pty Ltd., operating under the brand name Deputy, is a leading provider of scheduling, timesheet, and time clock software. With over 330,000 workplaces globally, Deputy is a trusted and preferred choice for businesses of all sizes. Deputy's main focus is on simplifying staff scheduling and optimizing labor costs. Their user-friendly platform allows businesses to create and share schedules in seconds, eliminating the need for cumbersome spreadsheets. The software also facilitates easy shift swaps, ensuring seamless workforce management. One of Deputy's key strengths is its ability to help companies keep labor costs low and maintain healthy margins. Businesses can adjust their staffing levels according to budget, sales, or foot traffic, ensuring optimal cost control. By staying informed about spending and having a clear understanding of the number of staff required, companies can make data-driven decisions to maximize profitability. Deputy also offers seamless integration with existing software systems, allowing businesses to streamline operations and improve overall efficiency. This integration helps businesses link their scheduling and time management processes with other tools they use, enhancing productivity and reducing manual work. In addition to simplifying workforce management, Deputy ensures compliance with labor laws. Their software provides simple tools to accurately capture work hours, record breaks, and manage local, state, and federal laws. This helps businesses navigate labor law complexities and avoid costly compliance mistakes. Deputy's software is highly regarded for its comprehensive set of features. From small businesses to larger enterprises, Deputy offers solutions tailored to the unique needs of different organizations. Their product tour allows potential users to explore the software's capabilities and understand how Deputy can help them thrive. Deputy offers flexible pricing options, including a Free Starter Plan and a Premium package, allowing businesses to choose the option that best suits their needs and budget. Their open API enables seamless software integrations, allowing businesses to connect Deputy with their existing systems effortlessly. In summary, Deputechnologies Pty Ltd., operating as Deputy, is a trusted provider of scheduling, timesheet, and time clock software. With their focus on simplifying staff scheduling, optimizing labor costs, ensuring labor law compliance, and offering seamless software integrations, Deputy has become the preferred choice for over 330,000 workplaces globally. With a comprehensive set of features and flexible pricing options, Deputy is dedicated to helping businesses thrive and become the employers of choice.
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Deputechnologies Pty Ltd.

Software Development
Year founded
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Australia, New South Wales, Surry Hills

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