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Definitive Logic

Definitive Logic - Powering Mission Outcomes at the Edge of Technology

Definitive Logic Careers
Definitive Logic is a smart, agile, and experienced company that specializes in delivering Automation, Analytics, and Integration solutions. Our goal is to save our customers time, money, and manpower by solving problems at the intersection of business and technology. We are dedicated to delivering performance-based and outcome-driven solutions that directly support our clients' strategic intent, providing a return on investment with every project. As a company, we continuously evaluate emerging technologies and work closely with our partners to build bigger and better solutions. We believe in staying at the edge of technology to power mission outcomes for our clients. Our range of services includes application services, cloud services, cyber services, data services, and technical services. At Definitive Logic, we understand the challenges and complexities of maintaining outdated systems. That's why we have a dedicated team that specializes in retiring legacy systems and implementing new solutions that are reliable, efficient, and scalable. We are committed to helping our clients modernize and upgrade their technology, ensuring that they can keep up with the fast-paced digital landscape. In recognition of our positive company culture, we have been named as one of the Top Workplaces by The Washington Post and Virginia Business's Best places to work. We foster professional growth and encourage innovative thinking, which has contributed to our success over the years. At Definitive Logic, we also provide insights on emerging technology for powering outcomes. Our financial management practice specifically helps federal agencies transform their financial processes, offering new insights and solutions. Definitive Logic is a transformational Information Technology company based in Arlington, Virginia. With a focus on powering mission outcomes at the edge of technology, Definitive Logic offers a range of innovative solutions and services to help Federal agencies overcome challenges in financial management and achieve their goals. The company's Financial Management (FM) Practice is specifically designed to address issues like outdated legacy systems, manual processes, compliance requirements, and resource allocation challenges. By leveraging their expertise and cutting-edge technologies, Definitive Logic's FM Practice can provide Federal agencies with the tools and strategies they need to transform their financial processes and improve efficiency. In recognition of their dedication to excellence and commitment to their employees, Definitive Logic was named one of The Washington Post's Top Workplaces for midsize companies in 2023. This prestigious accolade showcases the company's positive work environment and its ability to attract and retain top talent. Definitive Logic takes pride in their strong customer relationships and the success of their clients. One notable achievement is the recognition of their customer, the Installations Resource Integration Team (IRIT) in Army Deputy Chief of Staff (DCS) G-9 for Installations, at the annual DoD Financial Management (FM) awards ceremony. This highlights Definitive Logic's ability to deliver exceptional results and contribute to the success of their clients in the federal sector. As a company committed to quality and excellence, Definitive Logic holds several certifications, including ISO 9001:2015, ISO 20000:2018, ISO 27001:2013, and EVMS ANSI-748. These certifications demonstrate their dedication to meeting industry standards and delivering high-quality services to their clients. Overall, Definitive Logic is a trusted partner for Federal agencies seeking innovative solutions and expertise in financial management. With a focus on empowering their clients and delivering exceptional results, they are well-equipped to address the unique challenges faced by government organizations in the modern era.
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Definitive Logic

IT Services and IT Consulting
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United States, Virginia, Arlington

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