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Deep Science Ventures


Deep Science Ventures Careers
Deep Science Ventures is an innovative and forward-thinking company that is dedicated to driving innovation and entrepreneurship in four key sectors: agriculture, climate, computing, and applied science coordination. Our ultimate goal is to create a thriving future by unlocking new approaches and solutions to complex challenges. In the agriculture sector, Deep Science Ventures recognizes the detrimental effects of climate change on crops and plant life. We understand that rising temperatures can lead to withering and premature ripening of agricultural produce, posing significant challenges to sustainability and profitability. To address this, we are committed to exploring potential approaches that enhance plant resilience for a changing climate. Our aim is to support farmers in meeting human needs, preserving biodiversity, and sustaining life on Earth. In the climate sector, Deep Science Ventures acknowledges the urgent need to address the carbon emissions associated with steel production. Steel is a critical component of the modern economy, but its production contributes to 3.5 billion tonnes of CO2 emissions annually. With steel production projected to increase, we are dedicated to creating the future of clean steel. We actively explore innovative approaches to decarbonize this vital industry and pave the way for a sustainable future. In the computing sector, Deep Science Ventures aims to unlock a post-Moore's Law approach to computing. We understand that traditional computing approaches are facing limitations, and we believe in the power of groundbreaking solutions to revolutionize the field and drive technological advancements. Our focus is on exploring and developing new approaches that can shape the future of computing and push the boundaries of what is possible. Applied science coordination is another area of focus for Deep Science Ventures. Through our Outcomes Graph protocol, we facilitate coordination and collaboration in the applied science community. By connecting researchers, entrepreneurs, and industry experts, we enable the efficient and effective translation of scientific discoveries into practical applications that benefit society. Our goal is to bridge the gap between scientific research and real-world implementation, driving innovation and progress. At Deep Science Ventures, we are passionate about making atoms-based entrepreneurship cool again. We firmly believe in the power of scientific innovation to shape a better future and are committed to supporting entrepreneurs and researchers in turning their ideas into reality. Through our content, including featured articles and recent publications, we aim to educate, inspire, and drive conversations about the most pressing challenges and opportunities in our focus sectors. Join us in our mission to create a thriving future by exploring new frontiers in agriculture, climate, computing, and applied science coordination. Together, we can make a lasting impact on the world.
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Deep Science Ventures

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