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AI Powered Fraud Detection for Enterprise

DataVisor Careers
DataVisor is a leading provider of AI-powered fraud detection solutions for enterprise businesses. Our platform is purpose-built to combat fraud using modern machine-learning technology, delivering a comprehensive suite of capabilities that can be tailored to multiple use cases. With advanced device signals, fraud analytics, and visual graphing tools, our platform enables organizations to accelerate time to value and reduce the overall cost of fraud management. Our solution is trusted by banks, credit unions, digital payment providers, and fintech companies to detect and prevent fraud in real-time, at scale. Whether it's protecting ACH, cards, checks, new accounts, lending, or various payment channels, DataVisor offers the expertise and technology needed to stay compliant and grow confidently. In addition to fraud detection, DataVisor helps organizations minimize onboarding delays and maximize revenue by safely onboarding good customers without introducing friction. Our platform implements stricter controls to eliminate fake, synthetic, and high-risk account openings, transforming the customer experience with more approvals, streamlined processes, and end-to-end governance. Furthermore, DataVisor helps organizations balance risk in account onboardings and loan applications, preventing downstream losses from fake and synthetic onboarding while identifying high-risk applicants in various financial products. Our platform also assists in managing BSA/AML programs to stay ahead of financial crime and compliance efforts, automating reporting and alert management to drive efficiency and limit risk exposure. With DataVisor, organizations can effectively combat fraud, streamline onboarding processes, and manage risk and compliance with confidence and ease. Trust DataVisor to keep your business safe and secure in the digital age of electronic fund transfers.
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