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Data Lakehouse Architecture and AI Company | Databricks

Databricks Careers
Databricks is a leading data lakehouse architecture and AI company that offers a unified platform for data, analytics, and AI. With a strong focus on data sharing and collaboration, Databricks enables organizations to easily share live data sets, models, dashboards, and notebooks across any platform. The company's platform is built on open standards, allowing for easy integration with other tools and secure, platform-independent data sharing. This scalability enables businesses to efficiently handle every workload, from simple data pipelines to massive LLMs. Databricks' lakehouse architecture brings together data teams by streamlining data ingestion and management. Their Delta Lake technology transforms data lakes into the ultimate destination for structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data, with automated and reliable ETL processes, secure data sharing, and lightning-fast performance. In addition to data management and engineering, Databricks also offers data warehousing capabilities that provide access to the freshest and most complete data. With the power of Databricks SQL, businesses can derive new insights from their data at up to 12 times better price/performance than traditional cloud data warehouses, empowering data analysts and scientists to quickly uncover valuable insights. Databricks excels in the field of data science and machine learning as well. Their lakehouse architecture serves as the foundation for Databricks Machine Learning, a data-native and collaborative solution that accelerates the entire machine learning lifecycle, from featurization to production. Combined with high-quality and highly performant data pipelines, the lakehouse architecture enhances machine learning capabilities and boosts team productivity. Data governance is a crucial aspect of Databricks' offerings. Their platform allows businesses to maintain a compliant and end-to-end view of their data estate by providing a single model of data governance for all structured and unstructured data. Automated lineage and monitoring capabilities enable businesses to centralize auditing and track data usage effectively. Furthermore, Databricks enables open data sharing, allowing businesses to securely share data with trusted partners and collaborators. Overall, Databricks is a trusted partner for businesses seeking to leverage the power of data, analytics, and AI. Their unified platform, open standards, scalability, and comprehensive offering of data management, data warehousing, data science, machine learning, data governance, and data sharing capabilities make them a leader in the industry. Join Databricks on their mission to transform the way organizations harness the power of data and drive innovation.
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