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Healthcare Analytics Company | Cotiviti

Cotiviti Careers
Cotiviti is a leading healthcare analytics company that specializes in unlocking previously unrealized cost savings in the medical and administrative payment process. With a comprehensive range of solutions, our company ensures payment accuracy and maximizes financial efficiency for healthcare providers throughout the entire payment lifecycle. Our core area of expertise lies in risk adjustment, where we provide complete prospective and retrospective solutions to ensure appropriate reimbursement for healthcare services. Through in-depth analysis and identification of potential risks, we help our clients optimize their revenue and improve financial performance. At Cotiviti, we understand the importance of quality and performance in the healthcare industry. Our trusted and proven analytics enable us to analyze and communicate financial and clinical performance, empowering our clients to make informed decisions and drive improvements in patient care. In addition to our focus on payment accuracy and risk adjustment, we are committed to consumer engagement. Through tailored multi-channel outreach, we drive action and improve health outcomes for individuals, ensuring they receive the care they need. Furthermore, Cotiviti offers retail solutions that help our clients find hidden value in their data. We support supplier audit reviews, contract compliance, and overpayment recoveries, ensuring that businesses in the healthcare industry are operating efficiently and effectively. With our comprehensive range of services and expertise, Cotiviti is dedicated to helping our clients navigate the complex healthcare landscape, improve financial performance, and deliver high-quality care to their patients.
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IT Services and IT Consulting
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United States, Utah, South Jordan

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