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CoreWillSoft GmbH

Solutions for Physical Security - CoreWillSoft

CoreWillSoft GmbH Careers
CoreWillSoft GmbH is a software company that specializes in delivering solutions for physical security. With a strong expertise in cloud, on-premise, and mobile solutions, CoreWillSoft provides a high level of usability and automation for small to large-scale physical security systems. The company works closely with original equipment manufacturers, integrators, specifiers, installers, and security organizations to accumulate unique know-how in creating secure software solutions, integrations, and add-ons that enhance the convenience of access control and physical security in any business. Trusted by industry leaders, CoreWillSoft offers a range of services to meet security needs. The company builds secure electronic access control solutions that include scalable host systems, mobile apps for access management and visitor management, secure hardware maintenance, and mobile credentials. Their software tool chains for integrations, such as Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and Software Development Kits (SDKs), ensure seamless connectivity between various physical security systems. In addition to their software solutions, CoreWillSoft provides consulting services on various physical security topics, including RFID technologies, NFC, BLE, card technologies such as MIFARE® and Legic, security architecture and encryption, and compliance with standards and protocols such as OSS-SO, OSS-MA, PKOC/SCI. Partnering with CoreWillSoft allows businesses to create their security solutions with innovative, secure, and proven software expertise for physical security. CoreWillSoft's dedication to providing comprehensive solutions and their expertise in security architecture, encryption, and compliance ensure the highest level of protection for businesses.
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CoreWillSoft GmbH

IT Services and IT Consulting
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