Claap - Less Meeting. More doing.

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Claap is an innovative video platform designed to simplify communication and collaboration among remote teams. With its advanced features such as screen recording, meeting recording, and video wikis, Claap enables users to capture and share their work, ideas, and discussions in one place. The platform also offers customizable access controls and automatic transcription capabilities, making it easy for teams to manage and analyze their data. Overall, Claap is built for teamwork, enabling companies to increase productivity, efficiency, and engagement while reducing the need for unnecessary meetings.
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Claap Culture
Claap is a project collaboration platform. It promotes a culture of streamlined project management, collaboration, and remote work. Claap supports remote work arrangements, enabling employees to work remotely or from their preferred locations. Claap's company culture appears to be focused on productivity and efficiency. The company values asynchronous video collaboration, which suggests that they prioritize flexibility and remote work. The company's slogan, "Less meeting. More doing," reinforces this focus on productivity and suggests that they value action over discussion. Additionally, the use of the word "claap" in the company name and branding suggests a casual and informal culture.


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