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Chef is a software company that specializes in providing solutions for automating infrastructure management tasks such as configuration management, policy-based governance, and compliance auditing. With over 15 years of experience in leading the DevOps revolution, Chef has established itself as a trusted partner for businesses worldwide seeking to optimize their infrastructure management processes and achieve greater efficiency and productivity.
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Chef fosters a culture of remote work and provides the necessary infrastructure for remote employees to succeed. They utilize virtual communication tools and have a distributed team. Chef Automate appears to have a strong company culture that values collaboration, innovation, and continuous improvement. The company emphasizes the importance of teamwork and encourages employees to share their ideas and expertise to drive innovation and growth. There is a focus on transparency and open communication, with regular updates and feedback provided to employees. The company also places a high value on work-life balance, offering flexible schedules and remote work options.

Progress Chef

IT Services and IT Consulting
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United States, Washington, Seattle

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