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Brown and Caldwell is a leading environmental engineering and consulting firm that is dedicated to safeguarding water, maintaining infrastructure, and restoring habitats to ensure the thriving of communities. With a strong focus on the future, the company is committed to its purpose and passionate about its work. The expertise of Brown and Caldwell lies in providing innovative solutions to complex environmental challenges. They specialize in various areas including water and wastewater treatment, water resources management, environmental planning and permitting, and infrastructure design and construction. By leveraging their extensive knowledge and experience, the company helps clients navigate through regulatory requirements, improve operational efficiency, and implement sustainable practices. One of the notable projects undertaken by Brown and Caldwell is the conversion of organic waste into renewable fuel for solid waste trucks in Roseville. This initiative showcases their commitment to finding innovative solutions for waste management and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally, their involvement in the SFPUC Biosolids Digester Facilities Project demonstrates their dedication to supporting sustainability goals in San Francisco. In collaboration with AECOM, Brown and Caldwell are proud partners in the landmark Pure Water Southern California program. This pioneering water reuse initiative aims to provide a new, drought-proof source of high-quality water for Southern California. Through their expertise and collaboration with industry leaders, Brown and Caldwell is driving positive change and addressing the water challenges faced by the region. With a team of dedicated professionals, Brown and Caldwell ensures the delivery of efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable solutions to their clients. They prioritize understanding their clients' unique needs and tailor their services accordingly. By combining technical expertise with a deep understanding of environmental regulations, the company helps clients achieve their goals while minimizing environmental impact. Overall, Brown and Caldwell is a trusted partner for clients seeking comprehensive environmental engineering and consulting services. Their commitment to safeguarding water, maintaining infrastructure, and restoring habitats reflects their dedication to building a sustainable and thriving future for communities.
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Brown and Caldwell

Environmental Services
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United States, California, Walnut Creek

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