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Credit Report & Credit Score Canada | Borrowell™

Borrowell Careers
Borrowell is a leading fintech company in Canada that specializes in providing credit report and credit score services to help Canadians better understand and manage their financial health. With a commitment to transparency and accessibility, Borrowell offers free weekly credit score updates to its users, allowing them to stay informed about their credit standing at all times. Through its innovative platform, Borrowell has analyzed the credit scores and credit reports of over 1 million Canadians, including residents in 20 of the largest cities in Canada, to track trends and changes in credit behavior during the COVID-19 pandemic. By leveraging data and technology, Borrowell provides valuable insights and personalized recommendations to help individuals improve their credit scores and overall financial well-being. The Borrowell team is dedicated to empowering Canadians to make informed financial decisions and take control of their credit health, with a focus on education and empowerment. Borrowell is committed to helping individuals achieve their financial goals and build a secure financial future.
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Financial Services
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Canada, Ontario, Toronto

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