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The Blockchain & Climate Institute (BCI) is a progressive think tank that is dedicated to utilizing emerging technologies to combat climate change and promote sustainability. With a worldwide network of scientific and technological experts, BCI is at the forefront of innovative initiatives aimed at creating a future that is both sustainable and environmentally friendly. Recognizing the urgent need to address climate change, BCI is fully committed to making a meaningful impact. As a not-for-profit organization, BCI relies on donations to accelerate its actions and achieve its objectives. The funds received through donations are utilized to support entities in developing countries, providing them with access to BCI's support services and knowledge aggregation. Furthermore, the donations also contribute to the daily operations of BCI. BCI warmly welcomes individuals and organizations to join them in their journey towards growth and making a positive global impact. Interested parties are encouraged to stay informed about BCI's groundbreaking work and gain a deeper understanding of the organization before deciding to contribute. To summarize, the Blockchain & Climate Institute is a leading think tank that harnesses the power of emerging technologies to tackle climate change and promote sustainability. Their mission is to foster a sustainable and clean future on a global scale by offering expertise, support services, and knowledge aggregation. Through generous donations and support, BCI aims to make a significant difference in the ongoing battle against climate change.
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Blockchain & Climate Institute

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