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Bishop Fox

Bishop Fox: The Leaders in Offensive Security | Bishop Fox

Bishop Fox Careers
Bishop Fox is a leading company in the field of offensive security, specializing in providing comprehensive and innovative solutions to protect organizations from evolving security challenges. With a strong belief that breaches are not inevitable, Bishop Fox has developed a "forward defense" approach that prioritizes prevention over reaction. One of their flagship products, Cosmos, is a proactive defense system that combines advanced technology, automation, and expert-driven testing to continuously identify and remediate high-risk exposures on dynamic attack surfaces. This solution has been recognized as the Best Emerging Technology of the year by SC Media. Bishop Fox emphasizes the importance of complete visibility in securing an organization's external attack perimeter. Their Attack Surface Management system offers real-time visibility of the entire external attack perimeter, ensuring that no potential threats go unnoticed. True Exposure Identification is another crucial aspect of Bishop Fox's offensive security solutions. Their technology allows for the identification of vulnerabilities targeted in real-world scenarios, including those involved in complex attack chains. This ensures that organizations can address potential weaknesses before they are exploited. Bishop Fox also offers continuous attack emulation through expert-driven testing. By performing continuous testing and operationalizing the findings, organizations can proactively close attack windows and further strengthen their security measures. The company's dedication to security is deeply ingrained in their DNA. They believe that subjecting networks and applications to the same attacks seen in the real world is the most effective way to secure modern organizations. Their mission is to ensure that everyone deserves to be secure online, which drives them to continuously learn, innovate, and improve their services. Bishop Fox has built a strong reputation for delivering high-quality and comprehensive services that meet the highest industry standards. They work closely with their clients to design tailored solutions that address their unique security needs. In addition to their offensive security solutions, Bishop Fox also focuses on application security. By working closely with clients, they help build safer apps that are resistant to attacks and vulnerabilities. Furthermore, Bishop Fox specializes in red teaming and readiness, emulating the tactics of real-world adversaries to evaluate an organization's readiness posture, identify exploitable weaknesses, and stress-test incident responders and their playbooks. This helps businesses be prepared for any potential cyber threats. Bishop Fox's expertise also extends to IoT and product security. They offer specialized hardware and software reviews, including binary and protocol analysis, reverse engineering, and fuzzing, to safeguard consumer, commercial, and industrial devices. Their expertise in this area ensures that organizations can protect their devices and prevent any potential vulnerabilities from being exploited. Moreover, Bishop Fox provides network security services to safeguard critical infrastructure. Their team identifies vulnerabilities, attack paths, and exploit chains that both internal and external threat actors could potentially use to gain unauthorized access to sensitive data and systems. By locating and addressing these weaknesses, Bishop Fox helps organizations protect their valuable assets. Overall, Bishop Fox is a trusted leader in offensive security, offering cutting-edge solutions that empower organizations to proactively protect their networks and applications from threats. Their expertise in application security, red teaming, IoT and product security, and network security makes them a trusted partner for organizations looking to enhance their cybersecurity defenses.
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Bishop Fox

Computer and Network Security
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United States, Arizona, Tempe

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