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Arcadis IBI Group

IBI Group, now proudly a part of Arcadis, is a leading global architecture, engineering, planning, and technology firm. With a strong presence in the United Kingdom and expertise in the Latin American market, we are dedicated to defining the cities of tomorrow. In the UK, IBI Group offers a wide range of capabilities and projects tailored to meet the specific needs of this region. Their extensive portfolio includes expertise in urban planning, transportation, healthcare, education, and sustainable design, among others. The team of experienced professionals at IBI Group is committed to delivering innovative solutions that improve the quality of life for clients and the communities they serve. In Latin America, IBI Group's commitment to excellence remains unwavering. They leverage their expertise to create sustainable and vibrant communities through large-scale infrastructure projects and urban development initiatives. Their focus on regional preferences and understanding the unique challenges and opportunities in Latin America sets them apart. As part of the Arcadis family, IBI Group is united in their mission to improve the quality of life for clients, people, and partners. They leverage their collective expertise, global reach, and innovative thinking to shape the future of cities. Their dedication to sustainable design, resilient infrastructure, and inclusive communities is at the core of everything they do. Join IBI Group on their journey to define the cities of tomorrow, together.
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