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BenchSci: Reimagining Research

BenchSci Careers
BenchSci is a pioneering company at the forefront of reimagining research through the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and proprietary visual machine learning technology. Recognizing the critical importance of understanding previous scientific discoveries in uncovering new ones, BenchSci has developed the world's first evidence-backed map of disease biology. At the heart of BenchSci's innovation is their revolutionary preclinical R&D platform, ASCEND. This platform harnesses patented machine learning technology that has been trained by scientists to extract experiment evidence from a diverse range of internal and external data sources. By empowering scientists across various therapeutic areas, ASCEND significantly enhances the speed and yield of their R&D portfolios, surpassing mere percentage gains and achieving multi-fold increases. BenchSci's groundbreaking approach involves curating an extensive collection of data from published experiments, internal data, vendor catalogs, and ontology datasets. This vast amount of information is then decoded and organized using their patented visual machine learning models, leading to rapid insights. These insights are presented through a clear and intuitive interface, allowing for seamless implementation throughout an entire enterprise. Through their innovative use of AI and visual machine learning, BenchSci is revolutionizing the research process. By enabling scientists to make more informed decisions, BenchSci accelerates discoveries and propels the field of scientific research forward. With their dedication to advancing scientific knowledge and their cutting-edge technology, BenchSci is poised to shape the future of research and continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in the scientific community.
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