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Assystem | Switch On - Engineering & Digital for Energy Transition

Assystem Careers
Assystem is a leading engineering and digital company that specializes in supporting the energy transition. With a strong focus on innovation and sustainability, Assystem is at the forefront of developing solutions for a low-carbon future. The company collaborates with industry leaders, such as Doris, to support the development of low-carbon hydrogen, a crucial component in reducing carbon emissions. Assystem's commitment to project delivery is evident through the strengthening of its Project Management Office (PMO) Service line. This enhancement ensures the efficient and timely completion of projects, enabling clients to meet their sustainability goals effectively. In addition to its engineering expertise, Assystem actively supports research initiatives that promote gender equality and women's empowerment. Its involvement in the All-Party Parliamentary Group's (APPG) 2023 research on each decade of a woman's life demonstrates the company's dedication to fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace. Engaging with its audience through its podcast, "Switch On," Assystem explores various energy dynamics and transitions. Notably, one episode focuses on the energy potential and transition in Central Asia, highlighting the region's openness to international investments. With a focus on engineering and digital solutions, Assystem is a trusted partner for companies and organizations seeking to navigate the complexities of the energy transition. The company's expertise, commitment to sustainability, and collaborative approach make it a valuable asset in the pursuit of a greener future.
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