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AssemblyAI | AI models to transcribe and understand speech

AssemblyAI Careers
AssemblyAI is an innovative company that specializes in the development of AI models for speech transcription and understanding. With their core transcription services, they offer AI models that can accurately convert audio files, video files, and live audio streams into text on a large scale. Their audio intelligence solutions include AI models that can summarize speech, detect hateful content, identify spoken topics, and more. One of their standout offerings is LeMUR, a powerful framework designed for applying advanced LLMs (Language Model Models) to transcribed speech. With LeMUR, users can process audio transcripts for up to 10 hours of audio content, equivalent to approximately 150k tokens, with just a single line of code. This makes tasks like summarization and question answering much more efficient. AssemblyAI also recently introduced Conformer-1, their latest model for speech recognition. Trained on an extensive dataset of 650K hours of audio data, Conformer-1 is their most accurate model to date. The company's simple API provides access to a variety of AI models, including those for speech recognition, speaker detection, and speech summarization. These models are built on the latest advancements in AI research and are designed to be production-ready, scalable, and secure. Thousands of breakthrough startups and numerous global enterprises rely on AssemblyAI's API for their mission-critical workloads. AssemblyAI has earned the trust of companies of all sizes, from startups to Fortune 500 corporations. Notable success stories include CallRail, which saw a 23% improvement in call transcription accuracy and doubled their customer base after implementing AssemblyAI's services. Their reputation is further validated by testimonials from satisfied clients, such as Jeremy Helms (Co-Founder of WhatConverts) and Bradley Blaser (Co-Founder & CEO of Liine). AssemblyAI's API is widely recognized and praised within the tech community, as evidenced by positive feedback from @rememberlenny on Hacker News. Overall, AssemblyAI is a company that is dedicated to providing developers with the tools they need to leverage AI technology for speech transcription and understanding. Their services are trusted, reliable, and highly sought-after by businesses of all sizes, making them a leading player in the industry.
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