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Artemis by Nomi Health

Artemis Health Benefits Analytics Software

Artemis by Nomi Health Careers
Artemis Health is a benefits analytics platform that helps advisors, employers, and health plans make informed decisions about employee healthcare. Our platform provides rich insights, extreme flexibility, and intuitive use, enabling users to quickly identify health risks and strategies to improve benefits design while driving down costs. With us, digesting data doesn't get in the way - it accelerates your ability to drive progress.
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Artemis by Nomi Health Culture
Artemis Health has a remote-friendly culture and supports flexible work arrangements. They provide remote employees with the necessary tools and resources to work effectively. Artemis Health appears to have a positive and collaborative company culture. The company values transparency and open communication, as evidenced by their frequent blog posts and webinars that share insights and updates with their clients and the broader healthcare community. They also prioritize employee well-being, offering flexible work arrangements and wellness programs. Artemis Health fosters a culture of innovation and continuous learning, encouraging employees to explore new ideas and technologies to improve their products and services.

Artemis by Nomi Health

Software Development
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United States, Utah, Salt Lake City

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