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Anomali – Security analytics at the speed of AI

Anomali Careers
Anomali is a leading company in the field of security analytics, offering innovative solutions to empower organizations in monitoring and mitigating threats. With their Security Operations Platform, Anomali allows defenders to stay ahead of cyber threats and helps executives navigate the complex landscape of global cybersecurity with confidence. By consolidating threat detection, investigation, response, and cyber exposure management into a single platform, Anomali enables businesses to do more with less. Their platform leverages the power of security analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), and the largest repository of actionable intelligence to provide comprehensive security solutions. Anomali's Founder and President, Hugh Njemanze, emphasizes the scalability of their security analytics, enabling organizations to automate workflows, detect threats, and gain valuable insights that drive their business forward. The company boasts an impressive list of clients, including senior executives from renowned institutions like RAKBANK, Bank of Hope, Blackhawk Network Holdings, and more. With a focus on improving business outcomes, Anomali helps modernize SecOps by leveraging disruptive security analytics and AI. Their solutions not only protect brands but also automate operations, leading to cost savings for organizations. Anomali's advanced threat detection capabilities enable businesses to identify and prioritize threats accurately, providing enriched context for effective decision-making. By predicting an attacker's next steps and automating response actions, Anomali improves analyst efficiency and minimizes the impact of cyber threats. Furthermore, Anomali allows organizations to operationalize threat intelligence, enhancing their understanding of the risk surface and adversary behavior. This elevation of intelligence from feeds to strategic insights empowers executives in making informed business decisions. Anomali's expertise in understanding adversaries and their tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) enables organizations to predict their moves and proactively hunt for attacker footprints within their infrastructure. This proactive approach maximizes response efficacy and minimizes the time taken to respond to cyber threats. In summary, Anomali is a visionary company that revolutionizes the cybersecurity landscape with their Security Operations Platform. Through their powerful combination of security analytics, AI, and actionable intelligence, Anomali empowers businesses to protect their brands, automate operations, and make informed decisions that drive success.
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Computer and Network Security
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United States, California, Redwood City

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