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Anderson Optimization

AO | GIS Site Selection Software For Renewable Energy Development

Anderson Optimization Careers
Anderson Optimization (AO) is a leading company in the field of renewable energy development, offering a powerful GIS site selection software called AO. With AO, land siting for renewable energy projects becomes easy and efficient. The software provides users with various features, including the ability to view grid capacity, search for nearby parcels, and create constraint maps in just minutes, streamlining the site selection workflow. What sets Anderson Optimization apart is its status as the leading GIS platform for renewable development. Unlike other platforms, AO combines full-scale injection studies and land analysis into one user-friendly platform. This comprehensive approach allows users to conduct automated site selection, maximizing productivity. The software employs automated constraint analysis and filters to identify the most productive development sites available. It evaluates factors such as land size, radius to points of interconnection, and buildable acreage, providing the most detailed hazard analysis on the market. One of the standout features of AO is its ability to save time with instant injection studies. Instead of waiting for injection studies to determine the capacity of points of interconnection, users can now identify interconnections with ample injection capacity required for their projects instantly. This feature eliminates the need to pursue land near points of interconnection that do not have sufficient capacity. Furthermore, Anderson Optimization's software offers faster community solar development through distribution grid mapping. Leveraging DG mapping data, users can quickly locate sub 69kV lines and substations, providing nationwide coverage. This feature expedites the development process and enhances efficiency. Anderson Optimization has a proven track record, having been used to analyze over 10 million properties and contributing to the production of over 380,000+ MW of renewable projects. The software has received high praise from industry professionals, with the development team at ibV Energy Partners calling it a "game-changer" for solar site identification and project planning. Ben Mathes from Hecate Energy highlights how AO has become an integral part of their daily workflow for site analysis and early-stage development activities. Diode Ventures' Paul Ksiazek commends AO's comprehensive database and user-friendly interface for setting up initial projects. In conclusion, Anderson Optimization offers a powerful GIS site selection software, AO, which simplifies and streamlines the process of land siting for renewable energy development. With its unique features, such as automated site selection, instant injection studies, and distribution grid mapping, AO maximizes productivity and saves time. The company's impressive track record and positive feedback from industry professionals demonstrate its excellence in the field.
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Anderson Optimization

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