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Altisource Technology


Altisource Technology Careers
Altisource Technology, also known as Altisource, is a leading provider of innovative solutions and services for the mortgage and real estate industries. With a strong focus on technology-driven solutions, Altisource aims to streamline and improve various aspects of the mortgage origination and servicing process. One of the main solutions offered by Altisource is risk management tools for construction lending. In recent years, the construction lending industry has seen a rise in smaller mortgage lenders, challenging the dominance of big banks. Altisource provides these lenders with the necessary tools and resources to compete in this market, including warehouse capacity and a specialized line of credit provided by warehouse lenders. In addition to construction lending solutions, Altisource also offers appraisal management services. Recognizing the importance of staying up to date with the ever-changing laws and regulations in the appraisal industry, Altisource works with modernized appraisal management partners who are knowledgeable and informed. This ensures accurate and compliant valuations, giving lenders confidence in their decision-making process. Altisource's commitment to improving mortgage originations is evident in their commissioned report, "The State of the Originations Industry." Through an annual Origination Solutions Survey, Altisource gathers insights from decision-makers in the U.S. mortgage origination business. This report highlights key industry insights, risks, and challenges present in the mortgage market, and provides methods for improving mortgage originations. Altisource distills these insights into five key points to help originators stay competitive in the market. Overall, Altisource Technology is a trusted and innovative company that provides technology-driven solutions and services to the mortgage and real estate industries. With a strong focus on risk management, appraisal management, and improving mortgage originations, Altisource aims to empower lenders and originators to succeed in a highly competitive market.
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Altisource Technology

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